JYAML - Flexible Joomla! Templates with YAML

JYAML includes a Joomla! Template based on the YAML-Framework with advanced features.

The framework is based on YAML (Yet Another Multicolumn Layout) and is a (X)HTML/CSS Framework by Dirk Jesse to build modern and flexible layouts based on float-environments. You can learn more about it on the YAML Project Homepage.

Only a template? No, JYAML represents a complete package and includes numerous features. The configuration of Joomla! Templates with JYAML done with advanced and extensive template, module and menu settings.

The Joomla! Template contained in the JYAML Framework is only an example and should not be a finished design. It serves as a basis for Joomla! Template developers. But it must not be changed; that's up to you.