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jyaml-logo-v5A long time ago i was starting to migrate the JYAML homepage to Joomla!1.5.

First of... All entries in the blog for now only in English. All previous news in german are removed except the latest release announcement. And you can write comments in the blog now. In the article details view are additional boxes and buttons like Trackbacks, Bookmarks, Facebook, Twitter and more for sharing contents.

You might have noticed already. There is a new official JYAML logo. The new logo is a combination of the letters J and Y.

Also a Development Portal was created. On this you can find all core downloads and development information. To submit bugs and features you can do this for now on there, too.

I have created a Facebook Page for JYAML. You can use this to communicate with other peoples, they like and work with the JYAML Framework. On addition you can follow @hieblmedia at Twitter.

What is going on for Joomla!1.6?

I'm still in development and deep in work to create a basic documentation and a beta release for Joomla!1.6. Here a small preview for what you are wait...

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