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JYAML 4.5.5 released

This is a bugfix release.

Main changes:

  • Fix: Upgrade vom 4.0.4 to 4.5.4 does not execute YAML4 migration script
  • Fix: Responsive CSS: Add flexible img on max-width:0 media query
  • Fix: Bug in detection of header image on articles
  • Feature: If script before body ends is enabled sometimes scripts must prevented to move. This now can be done with data-jyaml-ignore="1" attribute in the script tag.
  • Fix: Ignore warnings in DomDocument for unknown tags.
  • Fix: PHPImage to Array does not work
  • Fix: Reset min-width on responsive layout for the fullheight example.
  • Fix double slash on add validator localisation file

You can simply upgrade version 4.5.x to 4.5.5 with the Joomla! update function or download install the package.

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