Scripts & Stylesheets

Load jQuery always

Here you can specify whether you want to load jQuery always. This is usually only necessary, if your scripts need jQuery.

JUI/Bootstrap Support

If disabled, Twitter Bootstrap Framework CSS and JavaScript is not loaded. If enabled the default Joomla behavior is in use.

In addition, the option "with CSS" can be selected. This force loading of the Boostrap CSS file.

Show Javscript Warning

If enabled, a Javascript waring within noscript will be shown when javascript is disabled. This option is useful to show up your clients javascript is required to use the website in full functionality.

This only work when the following code in the HTML-Templates are present. This code is already included in the default template files.

<?php if ($this->params->get('showjsalert', 0)) : ?>
<noscript class="jswarn-global jsremove">
    <strong><?php echo JText::_('JYAML_JSALERT_TITLE'); ?></strong><br />
    <?php echo JText::_('JYAML_JSALERT_DESC'); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Insert Script tags before closing body

If enabled, all Script tags (excluding IE Conditional Comments) will be inserted before the closing Body-Tag. This can increase the optical performance on client side (defer load).

Warning: This feature may cause JavaScript errors if the so-called domready javascript event was not used in fully!

JS-Files / CSS-Files

Here you can (if necessary) add additional Scripts or Stylesheets in the HTML-Head. Usually all necessary files loaded in the appropriate place in the PHP-Code. Files marked with "Autoload" are automatically included as needed.