The the upgrade function you can update your JYAML template files.

What makes the upgrade function?

  • It compares the currently installed JYAML Framework Library with the template version. If the template version is older an upgrade button is visible.
  • It can backup the entire template directory and can be downloaded. (For each upgrade recommended)
  • it overwrites absolutely necessary files that need to be replaced and automatically saves an additional backup of the file in the same directory.
  • It will copy all new files that are not yet available in the template.
  • It updates the version information in the templateDetails.xml and in the database (manifest-cache)

What does not make the upgrade function?

  • It does not search automatically for new versions.
  • It does not replace the Joomla! update function, which can be found under "Extensions -> Update".

How to perform a full update, you can read at the section Installation and Updates.
In addition, i always try as much as possible to describe a version-dependent description in the release news in our blog, if this is necessary.