Alternative Layouts

In general, an alternative layout can be created in each module or component. The alternative layouts based on the Joomla! Template Output Override technique. From Joomla! 1.6 we have a very nice way to put several files such "Output Overrides". This fact makes it possible to create modules or components for several individual and totally independent variations.

More at this topic can be found in the Joomla! documentation "Understanding Output Overrides" and "Layout Overrides in Joomla 1.6".

In JYAML 4.x, e.g. for the various navigation elements (vlist, hlist and dropdown) are already included alternative layouts.

Depending on the layouts are included in JYAML, all necessary additional stylesheet and javascript files already loaded in the code. So it is no longer necessary to add them separately. This gives the advantage that the additional stylesheet and javascript files are loaded only when they are really needed.

Override Style (modChrome)

[since JYAML 4.5.0]: 
You can also override individually for each module at "JYAML: Module Layout Settings" the modChrome style.