Mobile / Responsive Navigation

JYAML Mobile/Responsive Navigation

Since JYAML 4.5, a simple Responsive navigation is included. This is, if active, connected to the existing navigation.

This menu also work with the dropdown menu and with the module in a menu item.

When enabled the is automatically loaded from the template CSS-Directory.

The responsive navigation can be enabled on each Menu-Module.

Following an explanation of the options.

Enable Mobile/Responsive Navigation

If enabled, a special menu for small screens will be created at the position of 'Insert CSS Selector'.

Window-Width Threshold (in px)

From this window width the menu will be displayed and the original menu will be hidden and vice versa.

Show active item in title

If enabled, the text of the active menu item will the shown in the headline.

Insert CSS Selector

Determines the DOM-Element where the mobile navigation to be shown. You can use all CSS selectors supported by jQuery.

Insert Method

Determines the position where the mobile navigation to be shown, based on 'Insert CSS Selector'. (prepend=at top, append=at bottom in the element)
(jQuery.prependTo=top, jQuery.appendTo=bottom of element)