Installation & Updates


  1. The minimum requirements should be fulfilled.
  2. Following directories must be writable. You can check this directly in the Joomla! administration in "Site -> System Informationen -> Directory Permissions".
    • /templates/
    • /plugins/system/
    • /libraries/
    • /administrator/manifests/libraries/
    • /administrator/manifests/packages/


You can download here the latest version.


  1. Download the and install it in the Joomla! administration in "Extension Manager -> Install".
    Alternatively, you can also copy the download link to the clipboard and instert to "Install from URL". 
  2. After successfull installation go into "Extension Manager -> Templates" and open the Template-Style "jyaml - Default", then click on "Save". With it, the default configuration values are stored in the database and the template is functional now.
  3. That's it. Now continue read the documentation for further information's. For template developers it is also recommended the JYAML Wiki.


Before you start with an update, please always read beforehand the Release News in the Blog and the Changelog. These may contain important or special notes about the update process.

An update should not be made in a production environment. Make a copy of your Joomla! Website and test the the update process on there. Or set the site temporarily offline. It is almost inevitable that errors may occur (especially for larger version increments). This is simply because that the templates can be customized.

  1. Go into the Joomla! administration in "Extension Manager -> Update".
  2. Click on "Find Updates". You should now see a package named "JYAML Update Package".
  3. Now check the "JYAML Update Package" and click on "Update".
    The "JYAML Template" must be installed separately by handy or with the special Upgrade Function, otherwise your changes will be lost.
  4. After successful installation you can proceed the Template Upgrade.

If you don't see Updates, but a new JYAML version exists, you can load the "JYAML Library" and the "JYAML System Plugin" in the download area an install it with the Extension Manager. The installation will be executed as an update.

To 4.: Template Upgrade

  1. Go into "Extension Manager -> Templates" and open the the detail-view of your JYAML Template.
    If your Template contains more then one style, you must open only one style.
  2. Now click on the tab "Upgrade". There should be now the template version marked with red and it is possible to update the template. If this is the case, click on "Upgrade Now".
  3. Now a Popup is opening; Follow the instructions.
  4. After the successful update please check the functionality of your template now. On errors you can compare the backup files with the necessary overwritten files.