WYSIWYG Editor Styles


This also on edit the contents as closely as possible to the template, it is already a pre-defined CSS file for WYSIWYG editors included.

The file is in /css/ directory of the template and is called editor.css. The template.css is not used within JYAML. For this reason the file is linked to the editor.css, because most of the editors use this file as default. Therefore the JCE or the Joomla! default TinyMCE editor load the editor stylesheet without adjustments.

So that the editor has been a more nicely overview of the CSS classes floatbox, clearfix and all subtemplate classes are special emphasis are defined (works only with modern browsers with CSS3 support).

Add Styles/CSS-Classes in the selection box

To select a style or a CSS-Class in the respective corresponding selection box, you must add the css declaration without definitions in the editor.css. Just as a placeholder. For this easily take a look in the editor.css. If necessary, of course, at any defined classes you can give special properties to optimize the view in the editor.