Technical documentation


The PHP instance of JYAML as a reference object you can get with $jyaml = JYAML::getDocument();. Within the HTML-Templates are located in the /html/ directory, normally should $this correspond to the object.

The JYAML PHP-Class extends the Joomla! PHP-Class JDocumentHTML. So you can all the functions are callable with JDocumentHtml also within the $jyaml object. A few functions have been extended.


From JYAML 4.x a global javascript variable "JYAML" is used for all internal applications. The Dropdown-Menu for example is stored in the JYAML.Dropdown variable. But meaningful is, you can get all important paths or a blank.gif in the object.

With "JYAML.get()" you can get all stored paths. With JYAML.get([path-name]) you can get an specific path.

Here a list of all callable path-name's:

  • blankIMG
  • cssPath
  • imagePath
  • libraries
  • scriptPath
  • template
  • templatePath
  • yamlPath

Javascript Example: JYAML.get('scriptPath') returns the path of the /script/ folder from the current active JYAML template.

Developer Portal

More information's and instructions can be found in the JYAML Development Wiki.