Create your own JYAML (4.x) Plugins

You can create JYAML Plugins in the same way as other generic Joomla! Plugins. The difference is, their are uses the folder "jyaml" (e.g. instead of system or content)

You can find an example plugin here:

Triggers you can use:

  • onAfterJYAMLinitialize($jyaml) { ... }
    Method is called after JYAML is first time ready
  • onBeforeJYAMLdispatch($jyaml) { ... }
    Method is called before JYAML dispatch the template contents
  • onBeforeJYAMLloadHead($jyaml) { ... }
    Method is called before the contents of the <head /> are created and after all additions and modifications on head finished (minified css, etc.)
  • onAfterJYAMLdispatch($jyaml) { ... }
    Method is called after the HTML is completly parsed and ready for output
    Method is called before Joomla execute the system plugins trigger onAfterdispatch