HowTo - Using Syncheight (Equal Columns) in JYAML with YAML

Without JavaScript

This method has some restrictions.
Just take a look at the YAML Grids Documentation in the section Equal Heights Grids.

With Javascript

Add the following PHP-Code in your template file or in each layout override you need it.

JHtml::_('jyaml.syncheight', '[column selector]', '[optional row/grid selector]', [update on resize, true or false])

Simple Example:

<?php JHtml::_('jyaml.syncheight', '.columnselector'); ?>

If you want to sync only as special grid you can use:

<?php JHtml::_('jyaml.syncheight', '.columnselector', '.mygrid'); ?>

If you want to re-sync on window resize:

<?php JHtml::_('jyaml.syncheight', '.columnselector', '', true); ?>


I recommend to use the jQuery matchHeight Plugin for more advanced equal height solutions.